Now I Know My ABC’s

So it’s been some time since I’ve written anything and I find myself staring at the blank screen trying to figure out what it is I want to say that I haven’t said already. Maybe that’s it. A journey is not a straight line. Point A to Point Z with, if you’re lucky, plenty of the rest of the alphabet in between. Chances are we won’t zip through the alphabet in the order we expect, the “RIGHT” order…A B C D E F, etc. etc. We’ll start at A, go to B, and maybe we’ll skip to D, and come back to C when we’re ready. Maybe we’ll decide, “screw C, not gonna do it.” People will talk, maybe judge us harshly.  How can you move on to D if you haven’t spent enough time at C!!??” Hey, it’s my alphabet, I’ll get through it anyway I want to! Maybe I’ll try a little of your alphabet, just for something different. But sometimes we get stuck at say, P. We find ourselves repeating the same mistakes, whining about the same things, vowing to make it to Q if it kills us. P. P. P. P. Q! Yes!!! R is just over the horizon!!! I can see it….P. P. P. P. O. O…N. N. N. WTF?!  For some, myself included, there is a definite disconnect between saying we want something and wanting it enough to get it. Certainly, there are things we can’t control. Life is gonna hand you plenty of S. H. I. and T. But there are so many things we can do along the way to make our journey rich and happy and full of every letter in the alphabet. What is the appeal in living our whole life in P? Is it the simplicity? Is it the fear that we won’t be good enough to get to X? Or fear of getting to X and deciding Y looks more inviting…or M or even A, anywhere we are not at the moment? There is a certain comfort level in looking at other alphabets and envying them their G’s, their beautiful O’s, their unbelievable N’s. We don’t have to fill our lives because we are too busy ogling someone else’s letters. Being stuck at P is just an excuse not to strive for Q. Not everyone gets to Q. There’s no shame in not getting to Q. But we should at least climb out of P and try our best to get to Q. Maybe just P and a half to start. ‘Cause before you know it, there’s nothing left but Z.

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And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon, Pin & Pendant