Things That Go Bump in the Night

We stir. We wake. We fret. We play. We write. We mourn the things we didn’t do. We envy the things we do not have. We fear the things we cannot see coming. We dry up. We grow up. We move out. We move on. We win. We lose. We laugh. We cry. We give up. We give back. We fight back. We take another step. We eat too much. We walk the extra mile. We make up. We cover up. We open up. We bleed out. We shut down. We open up. We let in. We take another step. We sing. We cherish the breath next to ours. We grieve the empty side of the bed. We take another step. We drink. We medicate. We reach out. We hide out. We make ourselves heard. We listen for clues. We witness. We take someone’s hand. We hold tight. We let go. We take another step. We bear each other’s burdens. We let each other down. We lift each other up. We make mistakes. We make amends. We lose sleep. We waste time. We take turns. We destroy. We create. We win. We lose. We live. We die. We take another step.

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