More Balls…Part II

I have become obsessed with Bingo. No, I haven’t yet staked my claim at the nearest senior center, elbowing my neighbors in the hopes of winning a toaster. Video Bingo is my game of choice. I play it on the train in the morning, on the train in the evening. I’m playing it now.  Bingo Bash. Bingo Blitz. Wheel of Fortune Bingo. Price is Right Bingo. Bingo Vegas. Bingo Heaven. Bingo Pop. Have you ever played Bingo? You don’t have to do anything. You just watch these balls roll by and pray for Bingo. What the hell kind of game is that?  It’s literally the most mindless form of entertainment.  I love it. Why? Why do I love it?  I just do.  And if you’re honest with yourself, you love it too. What is it about a game that you don’t even have to actually play to enjoy? For me, there is, of course the anticipation of getting something for nothing. I don’t have to be smart or accomplished, or shell out any money. I don’t have to sweat or persevere, or dream or fail. I just have to stare at these balls, move my finger occasionally, and muster up a little excitement, when said balls align themselves to give me a Bingo. yea…. And it’s so mindless, it leaves my mind free to brood, and stew and simmer. I can give my full focus to the  relentless monkey chatter that occupies the attic without paying rent. Or, maybe it’s just a game of chance. Like the lottery or slot machines. As in any game of chance, the more opportunities you get, the more likely you are to win once in a while. The more pulls on the one-armed bandit, the more scratch-offs, the more balls. It takes balls to get through this game. Sometimes more than I feel like I’ve got. But if I search that attic from top to bottom, ignoring the monkeys and the noise,  there in the corner…more balls.