What Came First, the Chicken or the Gum Stuck to my Shoe?

I’ve always admired people who are genuinely happy. I know that everyone has bad days but there are people like my dear friend, Brigette, who are just happy. I’ve met many people who just know in their hearts that every day is a blessing and all of what life hands you is a gift. I am in awe of this phenomenon! I just don’t get it! No, really. WTF?!? I have spent so much of my life cranky that even when I smile, my mom is like , “Stop frowning!” There isn’t enough Botox in the world to get rid of the lines between my eyes and if I don’t have something to worry, whine or complain about, my day is ruined. I started to think about the people whose lives I envy the most and guess what?! It’s the same f#^*ing people!!!! Stay with me, now. The common thread in those lives I wish I had is that they appreciate every day, every person who touches their lives. They are the ones every one wants to be around, not because of what they have, what they do, or what they give you, but because they possess a faith in the rightness and the joy of life. And when they smile, and they smile a lot, they mean it. And the universe cannot help but smile back. So the trick to living our best life is not to amass the most money, the most impressive career, the prettiest hair, or the best toys. It is to believe that the best life is the one we are living right now. 

Behind the Curtain