Getting to know Vintage

Hi! Before we start this journey, let me introduce myself.ImageThat’s me. I look like fun, no? My name is Caryn Ronis and I am the owner/designer of carynjune, specializing in handmade, one of a kind jewelry. Let me say first off, that I’ve reinvented myself many times. I studied theatre in college and Graduate school which lead me to a distinguished career as a waitress and a restaurant manager. I started studying jewelry design and metalsmithing and found something I love. Ok, What’s the point? I’m going to be 56 in a couple of weeks and I’m trying to figure out how to negotiate this getting older thing. First off, let’s stop calling it “Getting Older”. I’m gonna call it “Getting Vintage”

3 responses to “Getting to know Vintage

  1. This is great! And you know what you were pretty and you still are pretty! Not to mention fun, smart, talented and a great friend. We have a lot of the same issues from growing up. I was never part of the popular crowd, bullied from 1st grade through high school. Ignored or made fun of by boys so by the time I got to college I ignored them. I’m so glad we have reconnected after so many years. Wonderful fun memories of camping, the Syosset pool and playing charades eating pineapple upside down cake! Good luck and keep up the good work. Your friend, Patrice.


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