Tick Tock

I had a long talk with my Dad this morning. Now for those of you who don’t know me, my dad died a year ago today. He’s on my mind even more than usual today, of course, as is the fact that losing a parent moves you up in line for the mortality ride at the amusement park that is life. My dad could be as someone who loved and respected him said, “quirky and difficult”, but he loved his family, blood and otherwise and made excellent use if his time on Earth. He worked until he was 84, which I see now kept him young. The lesson here is although we may feel like the world does not exist when we are gone, it does. And although we may feel like we will live forever, we won’t. Live your life now. Don’t wait until you’re richer, prettier, thinner, more accomplished. Just leap.

Tick Tock, brass and copper. carynjune

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