Great Expectations

I’m stuck. I started this blog as a kind of therapy. To navigate the paths and potholes of getting older, to find the excitement, the joy, the worthiness of myself, even as I sag a little more, creak a little louder, and really have to stay away from cruciferous vegetables. My jewelry is the physical side of the same self-exploration. I find I love writing. I love the give and take of finding the perfect piece to compliment the blog and writing something that perhaps inspires a piece if jewelry. Along the way, I’ve picked up a few fans, mostly people I know, but a few I don’t, which makes me feel good. I wrote twice a week for several months. And then, I ran out of pieces I hadn’t used, and I started to wonder if I wasn’t just repeating myself. I wrote less often and had less feedback when I did. I convinced myself that I had to write more, create more, or everyone would forget who I am. I got stuck. So. I’m sharing it with you all. And I’m repeating myself. Because, I’m stuck and a little scared and the heaviest expectations we have are our own.

Baggage carynjune

One response to “Great Expectations

  1. Don’t you dare stop writing. You’re too good at it….plus I like reading your latest insites and tid bits of wisdom. So you can’t stop. There


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