I love you…What was Your Name Again?

“I don’t mind friending you on Facebook because no one under 40 posts on Facebook anymore”. This pearl of wisdom came from my 17 year old niece. WTF?  Being the uber-cool Aunt that I am, I respond, “so, what, you use Instagram? Snapchat?” She shrugs, “yeah, and Twitter”. Now I cannot for the life of me figure out how Twitter works. I know this blog is linked, but sending a tweet? I have no #%^*ing idea. I download pictures on Instagram, but as a communication platform, as “social” media…sort of clueless. I am not unaware of a common thread here. Instagram. Snapchat. Flickr. Twitter. There’s no real commitment here because it all happens so fast. You only have 140 characters per tweet. Snapchat is so fast, whatever you send is gone in seconds. Flickr? Well, I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds fast. In my lifetime, at some point, there were no computers, no cell phones, no tablets. If you called your best friend and the phone was busy, you hung up and tried again later. If you wanted to send a greeting to someone far away, you wrote a letter. Make no mistake. Although I know I sound like someone’s grandparent telling stories about walking to school in 10 feet of snow with no shoes, I love my cell phone. I prefer to text as opposed to making a phone call. For me, the contact with no real contact is the way I like it. But face it, that’s not a good thing. That’s a shy kid who tried to blend in as much as possible, growing into a shy adult who feels like a phone call is an intrusion and sighs with relief when an answering machine picks up. A woman who doesn’t have to spend a second with herself because she has so many “friends” to catch up with on Facebook. My 17 year old niece? She is a fearless, confident traveler, leader, and student with many friends. Friends she spends time with, laughs with, cries with, travels with, shares her secrets with. Snapchats. Tweets. Instagrams.  Does she look at social media as a way of avoiding real life? Real people? Not at all. It’s a way to share her life in real time when they’re not with her. And sometimes even when they are. It’s the creamy filling inside a cupcake. It doesn’t avoid life. It makes it more delicious.   Love Letters


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