And to Top it All Off, I Stepped in the Gum

I can’t seem to make my life work. Everyone around me seems to have the ability. I just…Don’t.  I started a business designing jewelry that I loved. Three years later, it’s more obligation than joy and no one really cares except me and my mother. I’ve just paid my maintenance with a credit card for the second month in a row, because we don’t make enough money to pay our bills, or maybe we do, but not if we want to eat. Or buy a cup of coffee. Or invest in a business that no one really cares about except me. And my mother. I’ve gained so much weight my trench coat doesn’t fit, so I’m praying for cold weather. Of course, if my winter coat doesn’t fit, I’m screwed. I’m 57 years old and I just want a life that fits. I want to enjoy the fact that I’m doing a show for the first time in 20 years. I want to revel in the tap class I finally decided to take after dreaming about it forever. I want to be grateful for my family and friends and the creative spark that I am lucky enough to possess. I want to love my life, not envy others’. What’s the secret?  I wish I knew. I guess you put one foot in front of the other  and keep walking. And pay attention. You don’t want to miss the good while you are fighting off the bad. 

  LIFE, A Bracelet in 6 Acts

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