Gratitude: An Attitude or a Platitude

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. A time to be grateful for all that we have. Health, family, dear friends, a job, a roof over our heads. And if the music in my elevator is to be believed, Santa Claus is coming to town! Oprah always recommended keeping a gratitude journal so one can see what one really has, and be grateful. And while one should be grateful for all one has, one can’t help feeling that Oprah has way more than her share and one would like to kick her in the shin. It’s painfully clear that one does not have a real grasp on this gratitude deal. One is pissed. In my last entry, I spoke of a friend whose beauty and figure and hair were, to me an unattainable goal and a source of envy. Being the wise woman she is, she called me out! She reminded me of the things I have, the things I take for granted, the things she longs for. A husband who loves me no matter what size I am and how much of a child I’m being, my family, my health. Things that I assume are my right, and will always be there. There are thousands, maybe millions of people who are sick, alone, poor, forced to leave their war-torn countries with nowhere to go, without hope. I didn’t earn my good fortune. It was the luck of the draw. It’s easy to be grateful for the big things. And I am. It’s the little things. Talent, creativity,  a sense of humor. The ability to acknowledge and appreciate the small steps forward and not beat myself up over the huge steps backwards. The wisdom to see myself as others see me, not how I’m afraid they see me. Small steps in a great journey. These are the things we don’t always see, because we’re too busy looking for the big stuff. Small steps, little treasures, hidden gems. Big life. Happy Thanksgiving all.  



*$10 from each sale goes to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  #bcrf   #carynjune

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