Wake Me When it’s Over

I have become a maniac. One of those crazy people screaming about politics and candidates and ranting at opposing views because they are wrong! Wrong!!! I have never been remotely interested in politics, and I kept what I believed, for the most part, to myself. This election has made me a lunatic. Aside from the anxiety, the irritability, the sleeplessness, I find myself arguing with total strangers on Facebook. I’m so completely certain of the right and wrong of this particular battle that I refuse to allow others their own opinions, their own certainties. Which, if you think about it makes me a part of the problem, not the solution. I know I’m not alone in this rage and fear. I see the arguments, the unfriending, the prickly confrontations all over social media. Some are respectful when they ask others to keep their confrontational responses to their own timelines. Me, I’m cussing and swearing and making sure anyone who isn’t on my side knows that they are full of @*#%! I admit, I’m finding it a little difficult not to be completely pissed when people don’t see things the way I do. People I know. People I like. People who have their reasons and their beliefs and the right to vote however they please, and I will just have to respect that. 

Nope. Can’t do it. Dudes. You’re wrong. I’m right. 

The Debate


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