I Am So Bloated!

When I started this blog years ago it was a way to both journal and to get my jewelry into the public eye. A blog would influence a piece or vice versa. I loved creating each piece, and I discovered I love to write. Over the last 6 or 7 months. I have hit a bit of a stumbling block. (And I’m not referring to two broken wrists in under a year…that’s just stumbling). It started after the New Paltz Woodstock Arts Festival. I had been wait listed for several years and was so pumped when I finally got in. We booked a hotel room, packed the car and headed out for success! It never came. It was the last outdoor show I did. I have had some success with the Christmas show at the Art League but Christmas comes but once a year, so without those various deadlines throughout the year, I have done virtually nothing since December. Which brings up another dilemma. When did creating my jewelry become about what will sell, and not about doing something I love? And if I don’t love it, can I expect anyone else to love it? I loved the journey from style to style, material to material, the process of finding my voice. I have been silent for months now, both artistically and here in this space I’ve grown to love. And with no escape, the monkey chatter, the fears, the self-doubts, all the negative thoughts have nowhere to go. So they live and grow in my head and heart and stomach. And so I write. Whatever picture I post will have been one You’ve seen before. There is nothing new…yet. And so I write. And breathe deeply as the fear finds the tiniest hole from which to escape.

Ying and Yang earrings


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