Imma Go With Door # 2

Getting older is different for everyone. You can look at two 60 year old women and in one, you see a vibrant, healthy woman, nicely dressed, happy and looking younger than her years. In the other, someone who maybe hasn’t fared so well. Health problems, emotional issues, poverty. Sometimes just the genetic lottery. And this 60 year old looks 80. And sometimes your assumptions about these two individuals is 100% wrong. That beautiful mature woman has lost her husband. She has cancer. She is smiling because she knows there’s a half full bottle of vodka at home. And that older looking woman having a little trouble getting around? Her sweet husband is carrying her purse. And she looks exhausted because she’s been helping her daughter with their first grand baby. And those wrinkles. They’re from laughing. It is so easy to make assumptions on who has the better life. And more importantly what makes a life better. More money, more toys, smoother skin, flatter tummies. I am definitely of the herd. I’ve been losing the same 20 pounds for as long as I can remember. I just bought an Apple Watch. Please. Don’t ask. And when the next iPhone comes out, Imma get it. But I am also more aware of the good that isn’t bought. I’m never gonna be skinny. Or rich. But my sweet husband is carrying my bags. And I can’t buy a car this year because, I’m going to Mexico to see my step grandchildren. And those wrinkles? They’re from laughing. Monster Under the Bed

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