Who’s That Pretty Girl in the Mirror?

Today is my birthday. I have posted many birthday rants in the last few years and as I turn 62, I feel a certain calm. Don’t be alarmed. I can’t stand that I’m old enough to be someone’s granny. I am still worried about our plane crashing on the way to Florida. I’m convinced my heart is failing and I have thyroid cancer, I had a temper tantrum when I got lost in Astoria, and I might have gotten another ticket for going through a double yellow light this morning. So, yea. I have not been replaced by a pod person. But. But. I am awash with the feeling that I am living my best life. I can honestly say, that not a lot has changed since my last post. I am still a bit stuck, creatively. But I know it’s there. Biding it’s time until it’s safe to come out. Weight loss is slow. Exercise? Meh. But. But. I am laughing. I am speaking out. I am loving. I am chewing scenery. I am dancing. I am learning what it means to be perfectly imperfect.

Inro boxes. Unfinished. Still.

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