Getting Tired, Yet?

I started this blog seven years ago. For some reason, I thought combining my hilarious, tragic reflections on getting older with my jewelry designs was gonna be great. This was me then.

I had this picture taken (by the amazing Thom Lang), so I could enter a modeling contest for over 50 women. I wanted to be a model. A model. Truthfully, I love writing this blog. It’s like therapy. But there is a good reason why therapy is private. No one except your therapist wants to rehash the same *#% over and over again. I might have wandered off the beaten track a bit. What started off as funny, quirky and relevant to many, well, at least 6 of you, has become more like jogging through the quicksand of my mind without losing a shoe. Or a foot. This is me now.

Seven years later? I am a model of a lot of things. Humor, creativity, perseverance. I battle my demons for all to see. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a private person. But, I love this broad, quicksand and all. So, I lost my way a little here. I’ve been focusing less on getting older, or getting vintage, and more on getting through, getting serious, getting out of bed, getting over it , getting real. Have I reached the end of the road here? Hell no, but ya might wanna take a step back to avoid getting a little me all over you.

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