The Birthday Blah Blah Blog

I’m turning 64 in two weeks. 64. How the f*%# is that possible? Wasn’t I 18, like, five minutes ago? I will admit that this upcoming birthday is particularly fraught, but you’ve been on the receiving end of all that before so Imma spare you. This time. I think I’m going to share a little of what I’ve learned instead. So, for those of you who are fans of my particular brand of passive-aggressive hilarity, go ahead and skip ahead. Or don’t. I’m not your mother, I can’t tell you what to do.

  • Jelly Beans have no beans in them.
  • There’s no such thing as full coverage makeup.
  • Every person on this earth matters.
  • You are not your job. Or lack of.
  • When fear or sadness sticks in your throat, sing.
  • When you feel like crying, laugh
  • When you feel like you have nothing to give, look deeper.
  • Create. Throw it out. Start again
  • Don’t do anything just to impress others. If you don’t believe it, or love it, don’t do it.
  • Life sucks sometimes. And sometimes those sometimes feel like forever. They aren’t.
  • Boundaries rule.
  • Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey.
  • No matter how much you want to, you can’t be someone else.
  • If it isn’t yours, don’t take it.
  • Bonanza totally dropped the ball on the death of Hoss Cartwright.
  • You will never have enough until you believe you have enough.
  • If you look back with regret, and forward with fear, you’re peeing on today.
  • Fake it ‘till you make it.

Words. Just words. One step forward. Two steps back. Working. Not working. Creating. Not creating. Down a pound. Up three. Richer. Poorer. Winning. Losing. Laughing. Crying. Singing. Loving. Yearning. Learning. Envy. Joy. Loss. Friendship. Family. Worthiness. Strength. Courage. Young. Old. Just words. All of the words that make up 64 years. All snuggled up in your brain, vying for attention. So one more thing,

  • Stop living in your head and get out of your own way. Live every word that comes your way.
Calavera with a Big Head

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