Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

So, I’m preening in the bathroom mirror this morning, thinking how good my recent haircut looks, when suddenly my gaze is focused on the spot right at my part, right in the front. Maybe it’s how my hair is parted, maybe it’s a trick of the light, but I can see a tiny bit of my scalp through my hair. WTF???!!! Oh no!! No! No! No! I am not having this! I am not losing my hair! This can’t beeeee! I hyperventilate for a bit and move a tad away from the mirror. Hmmm. That’s better. I apply mascara and notice a lash on my cheek. Ooooh. I make a wish. Wow! Another lash? Another wish! By the fourth wish, I’m just wishing my eyelashes would stop falling out and wondering if there’s a way to save them and hot glue them to my scalp. The fifth time I reach up to brush a lash off my cheek, it doesn’t come off on my finger and I realize it’s an age spot. I sigh and step away from the mirror before any more damage can be done.

Rawhide Mallet for shaping metal and
smashing mirrors.

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