S. O. S.

I am having hot flashes. 9 months into menopause and I am hot. And not in the “hubba-hubba, girl, you look GOOD!” Kind of way. As well, my anxiety level seems to have ratcheted up a notch. Now, I have been taking anti-anxiety medication for 13 years. Medication which, coincidentally is now being advertised as a drug that alleviates the symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes. Are you with me so far? Not only is it not alleviating my hot flashes, it’s not doing such a great job on my anxiety, and I’m not sleeping well. So I’m hot, I’m tired and I’m having bouts of teary hysteria in the work place. My hair looks terrible, my skin is shiny and I’ve gained 6 pounds since Thanksgiving. Oh, well, that might be the donuts. And the pizza. And the chocolate. And the nachos. I’m a mess. I’m trying to sail through these rough seas with grace and dignity, but I’m paddling a paper dinghy with just my short stubby fingers. I guess I’ll have to flash my light just a little brighter so someone can see. Or maybe just brightly enough so I can. Without getting hotter than I already am.

Recycling a piece of Copper

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