One Man’s Trash…

This is scrap metal. Right now, it’s basically garbage. Put it together in just the right way and it becomes something beautiful. Sometimes. Sometimes you have to take it apart and try again. And again. Today I got a rejection email from the Rhinebeck Arts Festival. Less than two weeks after I applied. No wait list, no we love your stuff, but…Just no thanks, your credit card will not be charged, we wish you success, but it won’t be here. This felt bad. This made me cry. This made me wonder why I’m spending so much time and money when I clearly SUCK!! This made me think about quitting. This made me eat an entire box of Weight Watchers ice cream cones. Oh, I can hear you now, “rejection is a part of the creative process, everybody goes through it, you’ll get in next time! Work harder, prove them all wrong!” Yeah, maybe tomorrow. Tonight, I think I’ll just wallow. Good thing the ice cream cones are gone. And that pile of scrap? Right now it’s just garbage. But put together in just the right way, it becomes beautiful again. Sometimes. And sometimes, you have to take it apart…and start again.

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