Don’t Let the Blarney Hit You in the Stones on your Way Out. 

Anyone not living under a rock, is aware of the hot mess that is the 2016 presidential campaign.  I got into a heated argument with a fellow board member about  Trump vs. Hilary. Well, honestly, Trump vs. just about anybody. His argument? “I just want a president who doesn’t break the law, and she’s a criminal. ” And I’m all, “sputter, sputter, WTF, dude? Are you insane?” I couldn’t fathom why any seemingly sane person could for a second believe that a hate-mongering lunatic who feels the need to reassure the American people about the size of his penis is a good choice to run this country. Or any country. Just because he hasn’t “broken the law”. What?  WHHAAAT?  But my beliefs are not the point. Fracking?  Immigration? Affordable Health Care? Education? Who gives a #%^* what I think? It’s a free country. My colleague has a right to vote for whomever he sees fit, even if I think he’s a #%^*ing idiotic blankety-blank blank blank. It’s always stunning when others don’t believe the things I do. What do you mean you love “The Way You Look Tonight”? But I hate that song! Salmon? You’re ordering the salmon? Because you want to???!?!!!  Ok, hold up. Let me just tell you all of the ways in which you are wrong. Loudly. Because if I say it loudly enough, you will certainly see that I am right. The point is, who gives a crap? Hate Salmon? Don’t eat it. Unfortunately, elections of any kind are not as black and white. There’s all kinds of grey and people will vote their conscience That is their right, and all I can do is pray that they do what is good for all. And when I say all, I mean me. 

  The Debate


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